Welcome to the Codex.

Yes, it’s a blog – though it won’t often seem like one. We have some fairly lofty goals. The Codex will have entries added weekly (or more) and will (ultimately) contain no less than the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of our entire staff. On these pages, you will find us amassing the opinions and conclusions that are the result of our combined decades of experience working around film and film related gear. We wish to pass on what inspires us, what we geek-out about after hours, and all the other interesting photographic tidbits that make us so passionate about this art and our jobs. The dissemination of this information will come in the form of technical reviews, opinion pieces, camera suggestions, topical news, photographer interviews, historical essays and photo assignments – just to name a few of the ideas that have come from our collective brainstorming.

To our eyes, the future of film looks quite vital. We have a very long planning horizon, and no shortage of projects, schemes and aspirations. We are working toward on-line ordering of our entire inventory to better serve our international clientèle. Eventually we wish to open a gallery, expand our darkroom capabilities and make sure that everyone has access to every photographic supply that she or he may ever need. At some point we intend to initiate our lunar expedition. And perhaps install a Tuscan style oven.

Hopefully all of this excites you as much as it excites us. We cordially invite you to check in with us at your convenience – both in person and on the web. The last decade has seen much happen at Blue Moon Camera. The work has been hard at times (ok, most of the time), but it has been exciting work, driven in great part by your excitement and passion for photography. We are here because we love photography; even more so, we are here because you love photography. It is with great enthusiasm that we present you with the new and improved Blue Moon Camera and Machine.