Minox with David Paulin

Most of the staff here at Blue Moon Camera love and use the Minox subminiature camera. Jake, for example, has carried a Minox (the III) the longest of any of us. He always has his tucked into the sleeve pocket of his coat. Shawn is a recent convert but has parlayed his newfound interest into a YouTube video he produced explaining the camera. David though has a very influential role in our shop when it comes to Minox cameras because he is the staff member who oversees and manages the production of the Spy Film we make for these cameras. It is David who guarantees that our shelves (and your pockets) remain well stocked with this film. Also, whenever you see the odd, limited run batch of Ilford SFX or Delta 3200 in Spy Film, it is because he wanted to spice up Minox life just a bit. But Minox is not simply David’s job, it is also one of his photographic passions, as he frequently carries a loaded Minox B around with him as well.

We have some exciting things planned for Spy Film for Minox this year, with a three-emulsion expansion slated to roll out with each new season over the course of 2019. We thought we would prime the pump a bit by sharing with you a selection of David’s images from his Minox adventures along with this brief Q&A with David regarding using a Minox camera. We hope you enjoy this brief post and keep your eyes peeled on both our website and social media for exciting announcements regarding new Spy Films for your Minox cameras.

All photos by David Paulin

Big Minox questions and little Minox answers with David Paulin:

Why Minox, David? What is it about these cameras that you enjoy using the most?
I have a hard time convincing myself not to bring my Minox with me. When I’m deciding on which cameras to bring with me, the Minox always seems to ask “why not?” It’s size is obviously it’s best attribute. But I also love the pronounced grain and the camera's German optics. Not to mention (shameless plug) our prints from Minox film - with their rounded corners -  are so charming!

Do you have a favorite situation in which you prefer using a Minox camera?
The Minox is nice when you want to have a camera with you, but you don’t want to carry a camera. When I’m out to dinner or at a concert, most 35mm cameras would be too intrusive, my Minox is the best tool for the job. I always have my Minox with me on vacation. It’s a welcome respite from the pounds of camera equipment I carry most of the time while traveling.

What is the first/most important thing you would tell a new Minox photographer?
Beware the finger filter! It’s so easy and so common for the photographer’s finger to sneak into the frame.

Know your zone focus. It takes a little practice to have an accurate perception of distance based on inches and feet. You need to find a away to measure distances with your eye. I don’t usually carry the focusing chain, so I regularly use myself as a yard stick. I use my height for the 6’ mark, my arm is about 2.5’ and my hand roughly 8”. I use these as mnemonic devices to eyeball distances. 

The Minox has an impressive minimum focus distance,take advantage of this. These optics are so sharp at eight inches.