Nikon Nikonos


So whether you are actually underwater, or due to this weather lately, just feel like you are underwater, go check out a Nikonos underwater camera. We recommend the Nikonos V as it has a built-in light meter and an aperture-priority exposure mode to go along with it’s full manual setting. These cameras are suprisingly multi-purpose being useful both below the seas and above. They make great hiking cameras here in Oregon. Need a self-portrait by the base of that waterfall? What better camera to pull out in the mist and the spray. Love hiking on these rainy, overcast mornings? This camera will be a steadfast companion. Want something with a quiet shutter but cannot afford a Leica? You’ll be surprised just how little noise the Nikonos V makes in operation.

One piece of advice though – mind any lenses you buy for this camera that are marked “UW”. Those lenses need to be used underwater in order to get sharp images. The three “on-land” lenses for this camera are the 28mm f2.8 LW, 35mm f2.5 W and the 80mm f 4W.

Also check out the Nikonos III. Kind of a nifty camera as well but no meter (but all mechanical shutter).