MINOX Spy Film Announcement!

Written by Katt Janson Merilo

Spy Film for Minox Cameras on sale now!

Spy Film for Minox Cameras on sale now!

We’ve got news.

It’s really, really big news. We’ve kept it Top Secret for almost a year. At long last the time has come to declassify, and we’re ready to share with you our latest endeavor. But first: are you sitting down? Good. Were you followed? Excellent. Here we go.

Effective immediately, Blue Moon Camera and Machine has begun production of subminiature films for MINOX spy cameras. That’s right: your favorite MINOX printing, scanning, and developing lab is now your Spy Film supplier, and after the long, long wait, you can finally find the film you need to keep your clandestine photography going. And we’re not talking about one or two batches; nope, we’ll be keeping you agents supplied well into the future.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll be getting a whole array of emulsion options, all ready to fit in your tightest tuxedo pocket or smallest evening handbag with plenty of room to spare. Want a super slow, fine grain, black and white emulsion? No problem. Fast, grainy, and colorful more your style? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a traditionalist who likes to go big with little grain or you’re looking for the dreamlike low-fi look that only high speed film grain can deliver, you’ll find the perfect photographic companion in our selection of Spy Films.

For those of you who have been calling on us for years looking for your 8x11mm fix, you will already know the elation we feel at this announcement. But if you’ve not yet discovered the thrill of photographing with subminiature MINOX film, please follow the link below with more information about this format.

Oh, and one more thing: we have the film right now, sitting on our shelves, ready to make the trip from our shop to your door. Stop on by if you’re in town, or give us a call if you’re not (503.978.0333); our shipping department is standing by. You can also buy online on the Automat at any time, day or night.

From Portland with love,
Your friends at Blue Moon Camera and Machine

For the Press:

Down load the Spy Film Press Release (pdf)

Download the Spy Film Press Kit (zip) with Press Release, Related links, and Promotional photos