HOLY MACKEREL! All systems are go!

Written by Zeb Andrews


What the heck is a Codex?

Well, we’ve been gone for almost a whole month – did you miss us? We missed you. We are exceptionally excited to be reopened and back in action – renovated, reorganized, lean and mean. So – what are the results of all that banging and clattering behind closed doors, the muffled thuds and curses, the near twenty four hour whine of a wood saw? Let’s recap.


The physical store.

Those of you who visit in person will immediately recognize the changes – the tin ceiling, the hardwood floor, the seriously upgraded art display area, and the refinished display cases. This has been a floor-to-ceiling renovation (literally). When Blue Moon Camera first opened ten years ago, we started from scratch and we built this store on duct tape and dreams. A decade later, we finally have the opportunity to realize some of those dreams. Clearly, we’re trying to create a nicer shopping venue for our customers and likewise a nicer workplace for ourselves. The incredibly dedicated and ambitious folks who make up our clientele (that’s all of you) deserve the nicest environs that we can possibly offer. The physical nexus of the film photography movement deserves a headquarters befitting its mission. We think we’ve gotten a lot closer to these goals – we hope you agree.

And Fear Not – we are functionally the same company as ever – with a few modifications. Our optical printing labs are clean and fully operational. We are introducing a new, small-batch E-6 processing line for our customers of a more positive persuasion. Our inventory has been deeply and thoroughly organized. On the larger scale, our philosophy and objectives remain the same. Everything that you like about Blue Moon will continue – but now in a more streamlined and efficient manner. The point of all this is quite simple – we are fully invested in this, personally and professionally and by extension, we are invested in all of you who continue to use film to do what you do.

The new shopping site.

The radical face lift to our physical store, while obvious and dramatic, is only part of our renewal project. Our staff has also used their “anti-vacation” to significantly enhance our internet-based offerings. Kindly consider these our first steps on a very, very long road.

Allow us to introduce you to our brand new on-line Automat. We’re starting off small with a carefully-curated selection of new items – equipment, supplies and ephemera which are always available and are now able to be ordered directly from your browser window. We begin with a baker’s dozen of interesting and innovative products – items that we admire, utilize and promote – and we will be continuing to grow this selection as we go along. Think of it as our staff’s list of things you should know about – invitations extended by us for photographic adventures just waiting to happen

Welcome to the Codex.

Yes, it’s a blog – though it won’t often seem like one. We have some fairly lofty goals. The Codex will have entries added weekly (or more) and will (ultimately) contain no less than the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of our entire staff. On these pages, you will find us amassing the opinions and conclusions that are the result of our combined decades of experience working around film and film related gear. We wish to pass on what inspires us, what we geek-out about after hours, and all the other interesting photographic tidbits that make us so passionate about this art and our jobs. The dissemination of this information will come in the form of technical reviews, opinion pieces, camera suggestions, topical news, photographer interviews, historical essays and photo assignments – just to name a few of the ideas that have come from our collective brainstorming.

To our eyes, the future of film looks quite vital. We have a very long planning horizon, and no shortage of projects, schemes and aspirations. We are working toward on-line ordering of our entire inventory to better serve our international clientèle. Eventually we wish to open a gallery, expand our darkroom capabilities and make sure that everyone has access to every photographic supply that she or he may ever need. At some point we intend to initiate our lunar expedition. And perhaps install a Tuscan style oven.

Hopefully all of this excites you as much as it excites us. We cordially invite you to check in with us at your convenience – both in person and on the web. The last decade has seen much happen at Blue Moon Camera. The work has been hard at times (ok, most of the time), but it has been exciting work, driven in great part by your excitement and passion for photography. We are here because we love photography; even more so, we are here because you love photography. It is with great enthusiasm that we present you with the new and improved Blue Moon Camera and Machine.